We Welcome Dr. Rick Huijbregts

We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Rick Huijbregts as an Intelligent Buildings Industry Fellow. As an Industry Fellow, he will provide thought leadership, industry education, and key customer strategy support. Dr. Huijbregts is a pillar of the smart built environment movement, starting with his doctorate and roles at Harvard, continuing with his roles at Cisco in smart building and smart city strategies, and in his capacity at one of Canada’s largest educational institutions, George Brown College in Toronto.

“We have known Rick since our first year in business and have collaborated and learned from him all along the way. There is nobody more credible and trusted on this topic anywhere in the world,” states Intelligent Buildings Co-founder Rob Murchison. Rob’s business partner and Co-founder Tom Shircliff adds, “Rick has always been able to convey his vast knowledge and insights with disarming irreverence and an everyman approachability which makes an immediate impact.”

Rick is currently responsible for shaping George Brown College’s vision for 2030 and developing the corresponding business strategy, along with other key administrative, marketing and partnership roles. Prior to joining George Brown College, Rick served various executive roles at Cisco, including Vice-President of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Cisco Canada; Managing Director Americas of Digitization, IoT, and Industry Solutions Acceleration; and General Manager of Smart and Connected Communities and Real Estate. He is also a faculty member at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design Executive Education, where he focuses on smart cities, smart buildings, and digital transformation.

Rick holds a doctorate from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a Master of Science from Delft University, and a bachelor’s degree in construction management from the Tilburg Polytechnics College in the Netherlands.

We enthusiastically welcome Rick and look forward to his continuing impact on the industry and our customers.