Watch and Listen!

Watch and Listen!

In case you missed, you can enjoy several of Intelligent Buildings® recent podcasts, seminars, virtual conferences, and online interviews with key industry colleagues and experts.

GSA Largest Landlord Talks about PropTech and Innovation at Scale

What is BCS?

Realcomm 2022

Co-founder Rob Murchison speaks on The Smart Building Series Podcast

Intelligent Buildings Managed Services – Educational

Intelligent Building Boot Camp Alums Share Experience and Insight

APPA Town Hall: Healthy Smart Buildings
Anixter – Evolution of the Workplace: An Industry Webumentary
Realcomm Live: Tishman Speyer
Cybersecurity in Smart-Connected Ecosystems
Realcomm | IBcon 2020 Virtual Session – What is a Smart Building? – Establishing a Concise and Comprehensive Vision
Realcomm | IBcon 2020 Virtual Session – Long Development Cycles and Changing Tech – Aligning Smart Building Teams
Episode 377 ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Controls V.Cast
EPISODE 373 ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Building Controls V.Cast
Monday Live! July 6, 2020
Episode 255 ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Video Cast
STUXNET: The Virus that Almost Started WW3
Digital Warfare
Staged Cyberattack Reveals Vulnerability in Power Grid
Smart Cities Connect Virtual Conference 2020
CRE: Design and Technology in the New Normal
Smart Buildings Role in Smart Cities
Unprecedented Risks and Opportunities for Building Contractors
ControlTalk Now Podcast: Smart Building Video Cast
Realcomm Live – E1 Behind the Scenes – IBcon 2020
Destroyed a 300-ton Chiller | The Industrial Security Podcast E45
Real World Smart City Applications
ControlTalk Now Podcast: Cybersecurity Musts for Smart Buildings
KMC Webinar on Future Proofing Smart Buildings
Connected: Smart Buildings – What are they and what are they NOT?
EPISODE 373 ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Building Controls V.Cast
Episode 377 ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Controls V.Cast
Smart Buildings Most Innovative Trends
WCCB-TV Interview on Avoiding Scams & Hacks
CABA Covid-19 Impact on Buildings Webinar
North American Passive House Network Owners Roundtable #3
IB Customer – Singapore Smart Building Ops Center
Primer on Cybersecurity for Building Systems
Tom Shircliff on CRE Cybersecurity
Tom Shircliff on Cybersecurity Monitoring
Advanced Communications and Information Technology Congressional Hearing – Arkansas
Intelligent Buildings Named in SmartCEO Future 50
Customer Smart Community Program Launched
ControlTalk Now: Smart Buildings Video Cast
Rob Murchison Show Floor Interview
ControlTalk Now with Darryl Benson & Fred Gordy
Intelligent Buildings Co-Founder Tom Shircliff Talks About Starter Kits
Co-Founder Tom Shircliff Speaks at Duke University
Intelligent Buildings Discuss CyberSafe Service
Hacking a BMS with Cybersecurity Pro Fred Gordy
ControlTalk Now with Tom Shircliff
IB Customer Infrastructure Vision Video
Envision Charlotte with Mayor Foxx
The Risk of Organizational Inaction
Intelligent Buildings Co-Founders Win Industry Award
Cybersecurity Panel Niagara Summit 2014

Intelligent Buildings Managed Services