The First Commercial Real Estate Cybersecurity Service That Not Only Monitors From The Outside In But Also The Inside Out

Intelligent Buildings, LLC reaches new cybersecurity managed services milestones and releases insightful educational video on commercial real estate cybersecurity and vendor risk management.  

Intelligent Buildings is proud to announce that we have recently signed hundreds of new sites, representing thousands of systems and contractors, under our industry-leading cybersecurity assessment and managed service. This solution represents the culmination of years of research and development to address and simplify an area of cybersecurity that IT companies and IT departments alike have been unable to tame—the vulnerability, fragmentation, and inconsistency from building systems and contractors.

We provide a cost-effective, high-value, monthly service that controls contractor remote internet access to the building. The service also audits and manages building system configuration, backup status, and contractor and staff policy compliance. This service extends beyond cybersecurity to include a full Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution. Real estate executives understand that while having a strong remote access approach is important, it is system mismanagement and personnel mistakes that cause the vast majority of incidents—resulting in operational interruption, network hopping, and life safety exposures, as well as legal, regulatory, and insurance issues.

Additionally, Intelligent Buildings is releasing a promotional video that also includes an insightful educational aspect describing and explaining the historical context, the material risks and the areas of risk that must be addressed in unison. We hope that this can help the industry become more aware of what is really happing in the entire building stock. The video can be viewed directly from our cybersecurity page or by clicking on the link below.

If you are a real estate owner, manager, or stakeholder, you can visit our website to contact us for a no-cost assessment of your situation.