Systems Backup

Ensure that Your Data is Protected

Do you know IF, WHEN, and WHERE your building systems were backed up? If your building was compromised today, HOW would you restore multiple systems at once?

Since the 1980’s HVAC, Elevator, Lighting, Access Control, Parking and all of your building control systems use computer servers that must be maintained and backed up. Many business owners assume that their data is being backed up somewhere, or simply haven’t thought about it…

The reality is 85% of organizations have inadequate or no building system backup procedures. THIS IS A TREMENDOUS SECURITY RISK.


Of organizations lack backup procedures


Of attacks are caused by personal browsing


Of staff use servers for personal browsing

Regular backups provide a way to restore your multiple systems in the event of:

Ransomware Cyber-Attacks From Phishing

Human Error From System Configuration

Hardware Failure

Software Failure

Data Corruption

Physical Damage

If important system configurations are lost, bringing a system back online could require rebuilding, reprogramming, and recommissioning systems. Rebuilding a systemcan cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take several weeks to complete. Simply restoring your data is a much easier process. Taking a proactive approach is the best way to ensure that your data is safe in the event of an undexpected problem.

In an analysis of over 1,000 buildings, we found that over 70% of building staff use the building control server for personal email, social media, and web browsing– these technologies account for over 75% of the attacks on building control systems.

Cyber criminals and vandals can take advantage of these and other weaknesses to lock you out of your building control systems as well as manipulate or damage them. This can lead to lost productivity, lower revenue, insurance gaps, regulatory issues, life safety risks, and brand damage.

Intelligent Buildings Can Help Keep Your Building and Occupants Safe

With cost-effective cybersecurity site assessments, our team can identify your building systems, document how they are connected locally and remotely, and audit your contractors and staff against industry best practices not only for backups but also for system set up and networking use. 

Backing up your application servers regularly is arguably more important than protecting your systems from hackers since system failure can happen for more reasons than just hacking. As a best practice, you should back up the application server nightly to a secure location, and never to itself as we see in many cases. You should also ensure that more than one person has access to all of the stored information. It is also important to have multiple systems backed up to a single, secure location so you are not on a wild goose chase to restore multiple systems at once.

Intelligent Buildings can provide front-line tactical protections, practical inventory of data and backups, and strategic reporting across your organization.

Our Building System Cybersecurity Policy Compliance managed service ensures that contractors and operators follow best practices for system setup, backup, networking, and remote access.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to build a backup plan. We can quickly assess, protect, and backup your systems, giving you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your other priorities. 

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