Our services are right for the times with options for both on-site and extensive remote services to keep your development project on track and to cover your existing portfolio with complete vendor risk management. 


Intelligent Buildings has pioneered methodology that simplifies the Smart Building development process, speeds decision making, and clearly connects to outcomes. We create value throughout the life cycle of the Smart Building process from strategy and financial analysis, to system selection, implementation, scaling, vendor risk management, public health and overall program management.


For existing portfolios and smart communities, we have services that can scale to hundreds or thousands of locations for contractor pre-site visit health screens, public health use cases, cybersecurity, remote access, use cases and digital twin.


Our managed services provide low cost, high value monitoring for key operational risk areas that are not served by traditional facilities solutions or IT vendors including cybersecurity and environmental condition monitoring.

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Advisory ServicesAdvisory Services

Our advisory services have affected billions of square feet of the most iconic new developments and the largest existing portfolios in nearly all types of real estate. Our consulting is offered in the three categories of strategy, design, and risk.


  • Use Case Development & Library Selection
  • Program Development & Gap Analysis
  • Facility Public Health Approach


  • Design Guidance & Basis of Design
  • System Standards & Vendor Requirements
  • Facility Public Health Solution Selection


  • Cybersecurity Commissioning and Contractor Policy
  • Remote Access and Site Access Policy
  • Facility Public Health KPIs

Assessment  ServicesAssessment Services

Today’s Smart Building assessment services require a paradoxical combination of low-cost and skilled analysis. We have developed a combination of both with our methods, tools, and experience to quickly and cost-effectively get information for many different sites that rollup into risk and readiness assessments. Because we have been ahead of the curve on telework delivery, SaaS services and innovative deployment, all of this can now be done remotely.

  • Cybersecurity Inventory & Site Assessments
  • Smart Building and Digital Twin Inventory & Site Assessments
  • Public Health Systems Inventory & Site Assessments

Managed ServicesManaged Services

Our managed services precisely fill gaps created by the industry and contractors that can cause operational risks, liability, and inefficiencies. Executives and managers can both benefit from our dashboard-level analyses as well as more detailed reporting and translations of either the building or portfolio perspective.

  • Contractor online health-risk screening for pre-site qualification
  • Contractor remote access management
  • Building system configuration audits
  • Contractor-specific phishing tests, hunting exposure searches and penetration testing
  • Water and air quality risk monitoring

Services by Project Type

Service DescriptionBuilding
Use Case Development & Library Selection
Program Development & Gap Analysis
Design Guidance & Basis of Design
System Standards & Vendor Requirements
Cybersecurity Commissioning
Vendor Cybersecurity Policy
Cybersecurity Site Assessments
Smart Building / Digital Twin Site Assessments
Public Health Site Assessments
Contractor online pre-site health-risk screen
Contractor secure remote access management
Building system audit: Passwords, software, backup
Contractor-specific phishing test and auto-training
Environmental monitoring: Water, air quality, surfaces
Services by Project Type