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Facility Solutions

Facility Public Health
Public health is now a society-wide issue with multiple important impact areas. Our digital public health solutions focus on facilities.


Facility Solutions

Building owners and property managers have a responsibility to create a new service baseline and a series of optional Use Cases that create confidence for occupants and visitors to return to and thrive in the commercial built environment.

Act Now

Many organizations have put a COVID-19 task force in place, with multi-discipline leadership. The following methodology has proven to be a pragmatic approach during an uncertain and unprecedented time.
Our 3 simple, yet effective steps
1 - Screen all contractors and onsite staff
Health risk screens for all contractors, building staff, and selected occupants

Convenient mobile app

Low friction “boarding pass” for entry into building

2 - Identify what we can use in the building

Document and leverage your existing systems, sensors, connections, and contractors

Audit all contractors for building systems configuration for common sense policy, including passwords, backups, user credentials, and current software

Check for all network connected devices and remote access methods for control systems

3 - Implement public health Use Cases

Select from our library of digital public health Use Cases

Use existing systems and assets and then fill gaps with additional technology

Coordinate and integrate solutions on site

Manage the New Normal

Use Managed Services for Digital Public Health Solutions
Health Risk Screening
Continual health-risk screening with rollup record of every staff person for every contractor (optional for occupants) coming to the building, with local manager and executive dashboard.
Contractors Management
Contractor System Configuration and Remote Access Management – Regular audits, monitoring, and management of all contractors’ digital behavior in and out of the building.
Manage Sequences
Maintain and adjust sequences of operations between systems associated with public health Use Cases.
Environmental Monitoring
Water legionella and corrosion, air quality, CO, CO2, PM, and surface testing according to the Use Cases and local conditions.

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