Prestigious “Digie” Awarded to Intelligent Buildings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – At the 2006 Realcomm National Real Estate Conference, Intelligent BuildingsTM was recognized and honored for their Charlotte, NC, Ballantyne Village project and presented with the “Digie” Award. The Realcomm “Digie” Award recognizes a firm that has integrated building technology in real estate. Realcomm was in Dallas, Texas on June 25-27, 2006.

“Since we launched the company, we have focused on working in collaboration with the partners on the Ballantyne Village project to deliver a community feel, enhanced by both technology and user experience,” stated Rob Murchison, Co-Founder of Intelligent Buildings. “This award is an honor and a testament to our partners and the Intelligent Buildings’ team,” added co-founder Tom Shircliff.

Intelligent Buildings, a leader in commercial real estate technology services, has created an ideal representation of what the Digie Award celebrates; an environment where owners’ needs and the tenant experience are both enhanced by the addition of technology to improve the real estate. Intelligent Buildings’ philosophy is that information is the “Fourth Utility,” and when joined with traditional utilities, dramatically increases the value to the developer/owner and provides significantly increased value.

Ballantyne Village, located at 14825 John J. Delaney Drive, is a unique, upscale 500,000 square foot development that boasts tenants from all ends of the real estate spectrum – from an independent movie theatre, to shops, condominiums and restaurants. Powered by Intelligent Buildings’ Fourth Utility, every inch of this community is connected.

Tenant experience, building automation and property operations are three ways Intelligent Buildings has put Ballantyne Village in this next generation of real estate, providing enabling technology at everyone’s fingertips. Intelligent Buildings’ concept of information flow as a Fourth Utility is well-deserving of this “Most Digital Real Estate” award. The firm designs, implements and maintains the infrastructure and provides continuous ROI monitoring, including policy recommendations, for all tenants.

About Intelligent Buildings:

Intelligent Buildings is a leader in the new industry segment of commercial real estate technology services. They provide the Fourth Utility® infrastructure, which is based on the Cisco Connected Real Estate platform and adds value to buildings by increasing net operating income through operational savings and new revenue streams. Additional information about the Fourth Utility® and Intelligent Buildings can be found at