IntelligentBuildings® Presents Real Estate Enhancements for North Carolina Research Campus

Co-founder Rob Murchison delivers presentations at biotechnology forum

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Intelligent Buildings, a leader in commercial real estate technology services, presented how they in conjunction with Castle and Cooke Inc., will provide a collaborative platform that will connect the community at the 350-acre, $1 billion North Carolina Research Campus project. Co-founder and Principal Rob Murchison delivered two presentations at a biotechnology forum sponsored by the city of Kannapolis on Monday, May 15, 2006.

Murchison spoke before a group of 180 diverse and influential biotech executives at the forum, highlighting Intelligent Buildings’ use of their Fourth Utility® Infrastructure to create value for tenants who plan on occupying space at the Research Campus. The goal was to provide information about the technology of the research campus to these executives, with the anticipation that they will be attracted to the location to open new, state-of-the art offices.

“Intelligent Buildings will simplify the technology needs of all tenants by providing connectivity like a true utility,” Rob stated. “This will be equal to or better than the connection people get at current work places, and will provide quality of life for occupants. With offices, condos, theatres and more, this will truly be a campus where people can live, work and play.”

The North Carolina Research Campus, funded by billionaire David Murdock, owner of Dole Food Co. and Castle and Cooke Inc., will be constructed at the former Pillowtex Corp. mill complex. Intelligent Buildings’ unique infrastructure will provide wireless internet everywhere on the campus, creating the opportunity for tenants to collaborate and share information through technology. By leveraging their Fourth Utility Infrastructure, Intelligent Buildings will be able to increase building operational efficiency and create value and leasing advantages for tenants of the North Carolina Research Campus.

About Intelligent Buildings:
Intelligent Buildings is a leader in the new industry segment of commercial real estate technology services. They provide the Fourth Utility® infrastructure, which is based on the Cisco Connected Real Estate platform and adds value to buildings by increasing net operating income through operational savings and new revenue streams. Additional information about the Fourth Utility® and Intelligent Buildings can be found at