Intelligent Buildings Cybersecurity Expert Featured in ControlTrends

Cyber Security Expert Fred Gordy Waives the Cyber Security Caution Flag! Censys Device Search Engine Picking Up Exposed Niagara 4 — Wake Up!


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Thanks once again to Intelligent Buildings’ Director of Cyber Security, Fred Gordy, who keeps the global ControlTrends Community and systems integrators current with his Cyber Security updates. Fred is calling for the widest dissemination of this information possible, and for responsible parties, at every level to take immediate actions to eliminate their exposure and safeguard their building against eminent attack.

Fred Gordy, Director of Cyber Security at Intelligent Buildings, LLC: I did a cursory search usingCensys device search engine of building control systems and the first systems to pop up were Niagara 4 systems.  As most know Niagara 4 was released after the first of the year to integrator community at large.  The discussion of cyber security for control system has been going on for over 4 years.  So it is still amazing to me that control system devices are still being put directly on the web.  These Niagara 4 systems would have had to been installed in the last 4 months.

The screen shot below are just the first page.  I didn’t count the Niagara 4 system but I was still finding them 5 pages into the 357 pages listed.