Intelligent Buildings Co-founder, Tom Shircliff speaks at Duke University on Increasing Energy.

Jim Rogers (retired CEO of Duke Energy) moderated a panel discussion focused on the City of Charlotte’s Envision Charlotte program, which has significantly lowered energy use in the City of Charlotte’s urban core through public-private collaboration and the innovative employment of usage metrics to foster voluntary behavior change.

The program is a unique public-private collaboration, that created a global model for economic development, sustainability and quality of life. It has connected all the office buildings in Charlotte’s center city to the electrical grid in order to measure energy as a single community with a single number and then drove that usage down with awareness and voluntary behavior change. The meaningful results significantly lowered energy usage, which translated in over $10MM in lower operating costs in the urban core, significant emissions reductions and an enhanced brand for recruiting and retaining businesses and talent.

Panelists included:Robert Phocas (Energy and Sustainability Manager, City of Charlotte) Tom Shircliff (Co-founder, Intelligent Buildings, LLC) Kevin Franklin (Director of Customer Facing Operations, Duke Energy) Robert C. Vail (Senior Vice President, Bank of America) Curt Radkin (Corporate Properties Sustainability Strategist, Wells Fargo)

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