The Industry’s First Contractually Guaranteed CRE Decarbonization Program

Intelligent Buildings’ Net Zero Program is a single source for a complete carbon emission reduction and offset program with unmatched financial advantages for every building in your commercial portfolio.

Carbon Impact Challenges in Commercial Real Estate


Historic myths to be “busted”

  1. You must pay more to do the right thing
  2. Financial Return is subjective and complicated
  3. You must hire consultants & staff up
  4. Offsets are “cheating”, greenwashing and low impact
  5. I can’t keep my ecosystem of FM/PM/AM and vendors


Decarbonization Value Chain

Tax & Incentive

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Utility Incentives
  • Govt Incentives

Efficiency & Renewables

  • Targeted ECM List
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Light Weight Solar

Cybersecurity & Technology

  • Connect & Measure
  • Calculate
  • Benchmark

Programmatic Financing

  • Warehouse Facility
  • Repeatable Draw
  • Portfolio Approach

Carbon Offsets

  • Highest Quality
  • Registered VERRA
  • Grants and Hedge

Regulatory & Reporting

  • Local, State, Fed
  • SEC Disclosure
  • Internal Goals

One contract, multiple services, 10-year or less agreement, guaranteed and insured for results

Contractual Guarantees

  1. Carbon Impact Goal – Insured for Results
  2. Offsets Investment Hedge Value – Insured for Carbon Price
  3. Offsets UNSDG – Certified Highest Social Co-benefits (ESG)

IB’s Net Zero Process

Site Selection & Discovery

LOI and Grant & Purchase

Contract, Secure, & Connect

Implement ECMs & Renewables


Monitor, Report & Rebate

We can help you with several, hundreds or even thousands of sites, depending on your portfolio. This allows you to have confidence that, even with the fragmentation and turnover in the facility environment, there is consistency in operator policy and system set up, profiles, and backup across the entire portfolio. In addition, our cybersecurity systems scans offer a level of asset and life cycle management not possible in traditional approaches, including end-of-life and patching issues.

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