Cognos Systems Deploys i-LavTM in the Ballantyne Village Project

First Intelligent LavatoryTM Launch Smooth & Successful

Irvine, CA—Working in partnership with Intelligent BuildingsTM to enhance Sheild Property Company ‘s showcase project, Ballantyne Village in Charlotte, NC, Cognos Systems has installed its remote lavatory appliance monitoring system, i- Lav. Dubbed a beta test, this configuration of i-Lav is performing flawlessly and drawing the attention of other prominent property development managers.

The first of its kind, i-Lav wirelessly communicates the status of lavatory appliances and plumbing fixtures. Empty paper towel or toilet paper dispensers, no soap, and water, trash and sewage problems in restrooms can be significantly reduced or eliminated through instant notification to maintenance, resolving many of the top complaints received by property managers and building owners.

Tom Shircliff, Intelligent Buildings Group Co-founder explained, “We use the Fourth Utility®, which is based on the Cisco Connected Real Estate platform to add value to commercial real estate properties. We found the i-Lav solution to be a perfect fit for an “Intelligent Building”. This service gets to the heart of tenant satisfaction and ultimately tenant loyalty. The installation was done in minutes and the connection to the building technology infrastructure was simple and seamless. We already have enthusiastic interest in Intelligent Hygiene from other large developers.”

“I couldn’t be more impressed with i-Lav. I expect to derive immediate payback through more efficient maintenance scheduling, and long term payback as a result of increased tenant loyalty, which ultimately adds up to tenant retention,” George Sheild commented. “Ballantyne Village is a premier multi-use property offering retail space, class A office space, entertainment, and residential quarters. Everyone, business patrons, business owners, and office tenants, will benefit from the i–Lav solution, “ Mr. Sheild concluded.

“Our goal is to sustain tenant retention, add to patron satisfaction, and provide the management tools to improve the allocation of resources in commercial buildings,” stated Hank Ortiz, CEO for Cognos Systems. “With the assistance of Tom Shircliff and his team at Intelligent Buildings, we have launched i-Lav in the perfect building project. Ballantyne Village is a prime example of vision and innovation. We are elated to be among the participants offering the latest technology advancements and we are very pleased with the positive response i-Lav is receiving from George Sheild and others,” Mr. Ortiz continued.

Recognizing that a basic frustration for individual tenants and patrons often translates itself into an economic issue for building owners and property managers, Cognos Systems has responded with the low-cost, easily implemented i-Lav system that virtually pays for itself within months in a typical Class A Commercial Building

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About Ballantyne Village

Ballantyne Village is an upscale, unique, and pedestrian-friendly 800,000 square foot development in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, North Carolina. Ballantyne Village comprises upscale retail and restaurants, luxury condominium homes, class A offices, plus an independent movie theater. Ballantyne Village is located in the heart of Ballantyne, a 2,000-acre community featuring nationally-recognized Ballantyne Resort Hotel, Ballantyne Country Club, and Ballantyne Corporate Park – home to LendingTree, ESPN Regional, AXA/Equitable, and other international and national companies.

For more information, contact George Sheild by email or telephone: (704) 541-2800.

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