Current Openings:

Senior Consultant 

Senior Consultants work to support Intelligent Buildings’ practice areas of strategy and managed services.  The role of Senior Consultant is a vital part of the Intelligent Buildings team in their support of customer engagements. The ideal candidate for the role would possess the following capabilities:

  • Technical acumen of building systems (e.g., HVAC, lighting, physical security, etc.)
  • Understanding of network (information technology and operational technology) infrastructure and design as it pertains to building systems
  • Insight into the integration and connectivity of building systems and the creation of a Smart Building ecosystem
  • Awareness of general business principles 
  • Understanding of the principles of real estate management and building operations
  • Understanding of the value of developing and implementing a Smart Building strategy
  • The ability to communicate effectively, written and verbal, to individuals and groups at the level appropriate to the audience and topic
  • Highly evident organizational skills and collaborative work style
  • An understanding and expectation of working in a team-oriented environment
  • An ability to execute work with minimal supervision and direction; can generally complete required tasks autonomously once a direction is provided

Managing Consultant

Managing Consultants are senior-level consultants that work to support Intelligent Buildings’ overall strategy.  Consultants possess strong technical expertise in building system operation, commercial real estate business principles, information technology concepts, and supporting building system design and function related to the Smart Building and building system/operational technology cybersecurity industry.

Engagement Director 

An Engagement Director is the lead customer‐facing conduit on an engagement. The role of the Engagement Director is to quarterback the Intelligent Buildings consulting team for all customer engagements, ensuring the right IB capabilities are brought to the project to ensure a win‐win outcome for both Intelligent Buildings and the Customer. The Engagement Director draws resources from Intelligent Buildings’ Centers of Excellence consisting of strategy, design, cybersecurity (for building controls), and Managed Services.

Project Manager 

A Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the successful completion of a project and can work in a wide variety of fields. Although specific tasks will depend on a Project Manager’s supervisor and their current project, they will generally be responsible for creating and executing project plans and procedures. This includes managing any relevant employees, communicating with company executives about the state of the project, and adjusting it, if necessary, to meet new requirements.

A successful candidate will have 5 to 15 years of experience as a Project Manager in lines of business related to or adjacent IB.

Director of Client Services

The Director of Client Services role is integral to our marketing and sales efforts, with tasks starting from lead generation and following the opportunity process through to handoff to our industry-leading services team. This role participates in conferences, onsite meetings, industry advocacy, and sharing lessons learned with Intelligent Buildings prospects to align the value we provide when delivering our advisory, site assessment, and managed services. A successful candidate will have experience with smart building systems and/or the commercial real estate industry. We are looking for a passionate advocate and industry leader to drive our continued services growth.

Send Us a Message:

Intelligent Buildings, LLC is the leading consulting firm in the Smart Building industry and our team is growing. We are looking to add consultants and salespeople with building controls, analytics, and operational technology (OT) cybersecurity experience. The candidate should have easy airport access, as there are moderate travel requirements. If interested, please send a note along with your resume to